The Truth About Numis Network Coins, Comp Plan, and Their Founders – Scheme or Legitimate Company?

Numis Network originally opened there doors August 15 of 2009. When this happen a lot of questions were up in the air regarding the longevity of this company. After all, every silver or gold coin MLM in the past failed. However, they all had one thing in common that’s incredibly different from Numis Network.

Numis Network is a perfect example of what we call a category creator. Meaning they are successfully pioneering the asset category in the network marketing industry. Besides the 20+ years experience by all 3 founders. Numis Network also has something incredibly powerful behind them. They are the first to do numismatic coins.

Attempts in the past have been made by other companies to do coins but they have always done it with bullion. That is where the problem lies. Bullion fluctuates with the market and the coins are worth whatever the spot price of silver is. That can be hectic knowing that your autoship price can adjust at any time. The main problem with this is in order for the company and the reps to make a profit the product must be sold with an inflated premium.

In Numis Network I have noticed quite the contrary. The numis network coins have something called intrinsic value in addition to the precious metal value because there are a collectible. I’m not saying that numis network coins are an investment vehicle for precious metal fans because legally i can’t say that so I won’t. However, the fact is that statistically and historically numismatic coins have out performed bullion. I encourage you to do your research if your skepticism still remains, you’ll be presently surprised.

There is the question that remains, with silver and gold continuing to rise what can we expect numis network do about their autoship. Well the obvious answer that the autoship cost will go up. The founders understand in order to have a successful network marketing company they must keep the representatives happy. They have a unique issue since the coins are considered an asset. You actually list the numis coins on the asset column of a balance sheet. Interesting how this is the only network marketing product in history that you can actually put up as collateral and borrow against it.

With the threat of an increasing autoship what remedy can be presented to combat this hiccup? Well the founders are well aware of this and in a more than generous approach they have done something 3 times since opening their doors. Numis Network’s compensation plan has increased 3 times in less than 2 years to pay the representatives more. Usually network marketing companies are set up like 솔레어카지노  to make the owners rich but not this time. I’ve had the chance to sit down with the founders on several occasions and one thing I can whole heartily say is that they not only care about the success of their representatives but they operate with the utmost levels of integrity since Art Williams (founder of A.L. Williams/Primerica, one of the most successful network marketing companies of all time).

In addition to the incredible founders, Jake Kevorkian, Ian Cordell, and Chris Kent, they have a strategic partnership with the number 1 numismatic sales man of all time. Chances are if you have been up late at night on the home shopping network you have come across this gentleman. Mike Mezack is the worlds largest seller of numismatic coins period. He is the only entitiy to sell over 1 billion dollars in coins. Because Mike Mezack has such weight and power in the industry he is able to command special pricing that is literally unmatchable. Why? Besides Mike being able to sell ice to Eskimos he simple does the most volume so he can command incredible bulk discounts. As of the date of this article Numis has between 15,000 and 16,000 representatives across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. As the numis company continues to grow they will be purchasing more and more coins to keep up with the increasing volume. As a result this will only command a heavier discount in addition to Mezack’s incredible buying power. This is a competitive advantage thats creates ridiculously high barriers to entry from other companies entering into the numismatic coin arena. The bulk buying power discounts can not be duplicated. The only way I can see another company coming into the industry and possibly being successful is if they choose to do coins that are not graded MS70 (MS70 means 100% perfect and is the only type of coins Numis carrys); but who would want inferior graded coins unless its something like the MS65 St gauden’s gold piece. So even if another company enters into the arena with inferior coins they will always be in the shadow of Numis and can never anticipate being anything more than a market follower.

So what about bullion? A lof of us do want bullion and think it is a safe way to hedge yourself against the depreciating U.S. dollar. I myself buy bullion on a regular basis. Theres one problem with bullion though. I can’t get it for free and I can’t get paid to promote it. They actually do have rolls of uncirculated bullion coins available. Why is that exciting? Inside these bullion rolls there is most likely some MS70 coins which roughly go for at least $100 each. Not a bad thing when bullion coins are about $30.

Now there’s also talk about their compensation plan. Claims have been made from diamonds in amway, monavie, and many other companies that Numis has one of the most lucrative compensation plans in existence. Pretty strange for such a young company to be paying out so much. How can they afford to do this? Two of the founders, Chris Kent and Ian Cordell, own another company IDSTC which stands for International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. What IDSTC does for over the past decade is design back offices, consulting, and compensation plan creation. IDSTC has created over 400 compensation plans for other network marketing companies. This is experience is priceless because they have been able to watch other companies. They have seen what grows companies fast and long term, what drives momentum, how to keep the representatives happy, and most importantly what has caused other companies to fail. This intellectual knowledge is considered a priceless asset in my eyes, but what do I know.

It almost seems like they are taking advantage of the economy. Jim Cramer on Mad Money said, “Network Marketing thrives in down econonmies.” Numis Network seems to be perfectly positioned to intercept two powerful trends. 1. More people buying silver and gold since the gold rush and 2. more people looking for an alternative source of income since the great depression. I encourage you to seek out another means of creating freedom and income for you and your family in these uncertain times.


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